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Black Mesa’s signature series is the popular history and trivia sports and pop culture IQ books subtitled The Ultimate Test of True Fandom. The books are more than just trivia – each question tells a story, giving readers the chance to celebrate, cheer, sometimes laugh, and ultimately relive the greatest moments from their favorite teams. IQ books are the perfect blend of history and trivia and are suitable for fans of all ages and knowledge levels. Use the following links to read product descriptions and see purchase options for all of our IQ titles.

Major League Baseball IQ (Tucker Elliot).

Major League Baseball IQ (Tucker Elliot). Cover photo courtesy Charles E. Attard. Cover design by Holly Walden Ross.

Mixed Martial Arts (Volume I)

Ranger Up Presents Mixed Martial Arts (Volume II)

Atlanta Braves

New York Yankees

Boston Red Sox (Volume I)

Boston Red Sox (Volume II)

Georgia Bulldogs

Boston Celtics (Volume I)

Boston Celtics (Volume II)

Florida Gators

Milwaukee Brewers

St. Louis Cardinals (Volume I)

St. Louis Cardinals (Volume II)

Major League Baseball

Tampa Bay Rays

Oklahoma Sooners

Texas Longhorns

Texas A&M Aggies

Cincinnati Reds

New England Patriots

West Point

Rock & Roll Music

Buffalo Bills

Kentucky Derby

NHL Hockey

The Beatles

Cleveland Indians

Miami Hurricanes

Baltimore Orioles

Green Bay Packers